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Changing Trends of Salwar Kamij in Bangladesh

Changing Trends of Salwar Kamij in Bangladesh

Salwar Kamij is one of the traditional clothing in Bangladesh. This is also the most popular clothing that the women of Bangladesh wear. Anyone travels Bangladesh from abroad, will notice the maximum women wearing Salwar Kamij. Though the idea of Salwar Kamij came from India and Pakistan, but now it has become the sole clothing of Bangladeshi women. We in this one dress that can make any girl look elegant.

The Transformation of Salwar Kamij

There is no doubt that how we actually change our style in different times, Years after years the style changes and a new style comes up and that becomes a trend. We have also seen that the same style comes back after few years with some latest modification. Like, recently we are wearing Long Kamij which was the style of the beginning of 1970’s and as well a style in 1990’s and now the trend of long Kamij came back. Moreover, the short Kamij was a style in 1980’s and again it came back during the end of 2010. 

From Where Our Different Style of Salwar Kamij Comes?

 Though we add different kind of design and pattern to make the Kamij looking stylish, but most of the time we try to copy Indian and Pakistani Style. We copy Indian outfit design like ‘Anarkali’ which is an Indian version of Salwar Kamij. Even the Kurti style, Patiala style is also originated from India. Moreover, the normal style of Salwar Kamij is from Pakistan. So, we mostly copy their style and sometimes we modify it.  Gown style Salwar Kamij idea originated from western gown. Then India& Pakistan gave the gown a traditional look and now Bangladesh is following it. Similarly, recent popular palazzo is also copied from India and Pakistan. Though most of our ideas come from Pakistan and India but through modification we give it a new looks which we follow as a trend. 

Our Behavior of Following Trend

We Bangladeshi are a trendy nation. We always follow trends and go along with it. Why now our trend is so easy and affordable that anyone can have it and carry that. Our recent trend is Palazo with long kamij which, is comfortable and looks good on everyone. But, when we start following trend we forget about every other outfit we had from the previous trend. People wear only that specific trendy dress for that time being until the next trend comes. Even people wearing another patterned dress are considered un-fashionable. But, where in abroad people wear any kind of dress as their fashion. Like, Indian are wearing Palazo, anarkali, kurti , patiyala at the same time. For one style and fashion they don’t leave another. But, we always go with only trends.


Though we are following trends of our neighborhood mostly, but the modification makes the difference. We have manpower, professional designers, experts who make world class export quality dress and one of the leading garment industries. So, why do we have to copy always? Let’s make our own dresses which have quality with quantity. Let them copy our design and style.