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Care for mother

Care for mother

Share Care to Your Mother

It is not hard to find a mother, every woman is or to be a mother. But it is impossible to find anyone else just like your mother. Mother is the most unique gift of god. Our mother says that we are the most precious gift to them, but the truth is, they are a gem. They are the one who go through a lot of sufferings just to bring us in the world.

When we were kid, our mother used to forget taking food just because they want us to eat first. After feeding they try to make sleep and when we are sleep they are more concern if we wake up or not. They forgot about their career, their comfort and even their dream just because they wanted us to nurture in proper care. In brief we have becomes their world just after we born. The nurture, care, love a mother gives to her children is not comparable to anything in the world. Now when we grow up, they also treat us the same way they used to treat us when we were a kid. They don’t think of themselves but care how we are, we ate or not, we are sick or not. How old we have become, we are always their little kid. So, can’t we do a little for our mother? Can’t we make a simple effort that can make her happy for a day?

We are very busy in our daily life. For a better lifestyle we have to study, work and go on with the life flow. Though we want but can’t spend time with our mother. So, why not celebrate this day? Why not bring a little smile on our mother’s face? We know Mother’s day is not a holiday. But in this time of technological advancement, when we have Smartphone in our hands, at least we can do something to make this mother’s day special to our mother.

To make this mother’s day special we can buy a Shari and even gifts for our mother. We can get home delivery of the required gift we order. For payment, we don’t have to pay by cash; we can pay by ATM card if we want to avoid the difficulty of carrying cash. This is the least we can do to bring a big smile on our mother’s face. Our mother is the one fulfilling all our wishes, taking care of all our needs. So, for her happiness this is nothing but the least we can do to show how much we love her actually. We can show her, how much she actually matters to us. We might be busy in our day to day life, but in this occasion we can show her how much we really love her.                                                                 

-By Debesree

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